Efficient Skincare Tips for Busy Mums

Efficient Skincare Tips for Busy Mums

When you’re busy caring for a mini human (or multiple mini humans) whilst running point for all household responsibilities, it can be tough to put aside some me-time for yourself. You probably have a million things on your mind as a mother and a skincare routine could be on the lower end of your priorities. On rough days, it can be a challenge to find time to wash, exfoliate, tone, moisturise, and more while you’re juggling all your new obligations with your baby.
Having said that, it is still essential to keep a skincare routine even if you have a limited time. Let’s dive into some quick and efficient skincare tips that busy mums can include into their daily routine:

1. Being organised with easy access
Don’t clutter your bathroom basin with a heap of products. Keep only the essentials and place them in an area that is easy for you to access. By arranging your products in order of use can helpful too so you don’t have to think about which product to use next.

2. Keeping it Simple with Multitaskers
Simplicity is key for busy mothers which also applies to your daily skincare routine.

Start with the basics — a gentle cleanser, serum, and moisturiser. Kill two birds with one stone with multitasking products will save you time and effort. Bheue’s Radiant YOU Revitalising 2-in-1 Face Serum is a dual action serum and moisturiser that soothes and restores the skin. This multitasker is filled with rich ingredients such as Rose Damascena, Helichrysum Extract and Jojaba that leaves the skin with a glow and a soft touch.
Apple one to two pumps and massage onto your face and neck both AM and PM.

3. Morning Reset & Refresh in just 2 minutes!
Mornings can be pure chaos when preparing breakfast, getting the kids ready, and simultaneously managing a thousand other things. However putting aside little me-time for your morning skincare routine not only gives your skin the love it deserves but helps reset and refresh mentally to kick start your day.
Start with a splash of water and gentle cleanse with our Rebalance YOU Soothing Cleansing Milk to wake up your skin, followed by our Revitalising 2-in-1 Face Serum for that instant refresh and to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. You’ll be looking fresh and glowy, alongside your first sip of coffee for the day.

4. Nourish and Restore While You Sleep
For busy mothers, sleep may be an absolute luxury however that overnight sleep is a crucial time for the skin to repair and rejuvenate. Before you log off for the day, treat your skin to a massage with our Nourish YOU Stretch Mark Oil. This nourishing body oil is delightful to use during pregnancy but can certainly be used postpartum as well. It’s rich in Vitamin E, Argan Oil and Algae Extract which helps lift, tone and firm the appearance of skin. Spray lightly over your areas you feel tense (neck, shoulder, calves, etc) and massage onto the skin in circular motions. Let the oil dissolve into your skin overnight and wake up feeling refreshed and radiant to take on the day!

5. TLC for the Tired Eyes
Late nights and early mornings rises can take a toll on your eyes. Soothe and reduce puffiness around the eyes with the Brighten YOU Revitalising Serum. This eye serum works to strengthen the delicate skin under your eyes and reduce dark under-eye circles. Gives a boost of radiance to your eyes on those days you really need it.

Life as a mother can be busy and we understand time is scarce. However, having a simple daily skincare routine is one way you can look after yourself. We truly believe that happy mothers equals to happy families -which means everyone wins. Hopefully these quick and efficient skincare tips can help fit some self-care moments into your day more attainable.


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