Bheue Ingredients Glossary

Bheue Ingredients Glossary

When you're expecting or breastfeeding, it's essential to know what you're actually putting on your skin for the well-being of both you and your little one. We created Bheue as a range of pregnancy safe skincare that uses the worlds latest innovations in beauty coupled with beautiful natural source ingredients. Formulated to use the best in nature, paired with the cutting edge of scientific research to create high performance skincare and body care that targets specific needs through pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy-safe ingredients specifically cater to the unique needs of expectant or breastfeeding mothers. Reading the label on a new skincare product can be overwhelming and there may be a long list of items you aren’t even sure how to pronounce. It’s even harder to know what they do.

This skimmable glossary below covers the skincare ingredient staples we use in our formulas so you can feel confident knowing what you’re putting on your skin.

The Ingredients


Cold Pressed Argan Oil

A deeply nourishing, hydrating and antioxidant rich oil which helps to firm and protect skin. Rich in Oleic and Linoleic acid which nourish and restore the skin epidermis, while stimulating cellular oxygenation.


Golden Seaweed
Stimulates and hydrates the skin while improving tone and texture. Clinical trials have shown that this antioxidating extra helps to protect the skin by rehydrating and stimulating it at a cellular level with mitochondrial energy.

Grape Seed Oil
High in flavonoids, this natural antioxidant which strengthens the skin's barrier helps to reduce redness and inflammation. Grape Seed Oil is also a rich source of Vitamin E which hydrates and nourishes the skin, while helping to reduce the signs of ageing.

Green Seaweed
Collected in Brittany France at low tide, this extract is from a spongy green seaweed called Codium Tomentiosum. At these periods of low tide this seaweed produces a Heteropolysaccharide sulphate, which is rich in Gluconic Acid. This helps skin retain it's water content while improving skin texture and radiance.

Helichrysum Stoechas Extract
‘The Immortal/Everlasting Flower’ - A powerful anti-inflammatory plant active which stimulates cellular production, leaving skin toned, smooth and regenerated. Rich in both flavonoids and acetophenones to help protect and repair the skin, it also stimulating cellular turnover and helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

This lightweight and easily absorbed oil is a favourite for mothers-to-be, and new mums. Packed full of antioxidants it's both soothing and hydrating. A natural source of Vitamin E it helps strengthen the capillary walls in the skin and improve elasticity.



Red Algae

Derived from the nutrient Purple/Red Algae Porphyridium Cruentum. This algae is known to thrive in particularly harsh conditions. Rich in Omega's and amino acids, this micro-algae is known to reduce redness while hydrating and revitalizing the skin.

Rose Damascena

Rose Damascena or Damask Rose is a beautiful scented oil and a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps to stimulate natural collagen production while toning and calming the skin.

Shea Butter
Shea Butter has a very high concentration of Fatty Acids and Vitamins which work to both soften and hydrate the skin. It's very gentle and nourishing, so perfect on even sensitive skin.

Sea Lavendar Water
Extracted by a process of hydro distillation, Sea Lavender Water is rich in bioactive compounds such as Polyphenols, Minerals, Flavonoids and Natural Oils. These work together to help the skin stay hydrated while calming, soothing and toning it.

Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in Fatty Acids to help skin rebalance and rehydrate, as well as plant-derived sterols that help to reduce moisture loss. It's beautiful to use during pregnancy as it helps improve the skin's elasticity and reduce stretch marks, while also soothing and nourishing the skin.


Vitamin E
A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which helps to protect and calm the skin. The antioxidant elements help to strengthen the skin's natural barrier, and protect it from environmental stressors. It's also deeply hydrating as it works both as a humescent (helps the skin to absorb water) and a emollient (helps the skin to retain moisture).

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