A love letter to my postpartum body

A love letter to my postpartum body

To my postpartum body,

I don’t look nor feel the way I used to. I look in the mirror and see stretchmarks, scars from birth, wrinkles -marking my years of both laughter and sorrow. However in hindsight, I realise you have given me so much.

Thank you for the gift of life, gift of movement and the gift of health. Thank you for giving me a home to grow and nurture my children. To be able to fall pregnant with them has been my greatest blessing in life. From feeling their little kicks and movement for nine months helped me bond with them and I felt an instant connection when I met them face-to-face. We persevered together, as conceiving and giving birth comes with its challenges. However together, we came out on top and now I am proud to be a mother.

Thank you for feeding my children.

Whether it was from the breasts or bottle, with breastmilk or formula -it truly is an incredible responsibility to keep our babies alive. We are the main food source for our newborns and it never ceases to amaze me how we are able to produce nutrient-rich food from our bodies. Although there is the shock of sleep deprivation, shredded nipples and feeling like a 24/7 milk-only restaurant, it is an absolute privilege to be able to feed our babies. So thank you body, for all you have been through and all that you do.


Thank you for my arms.

My arms that embrace my firstborn baby who has grown into a toddler – growing bigger by the day in both size and personality. Arms that cradle my newborn as I nurse him to sleep in odd hours of night and early mornings. Arms that are strong enough to carry 10 grocery bags in one go, fold and lift a double pram into the car trunk, holding my toddler when he refuses to walk, to rock, bounce and cradle my baby for hours when he can’t fall asleep. You have levelled up my mama strength!

Thank you for giving me my eyes.

Thankful for my eyes that can see the beauty around me. My eyes that shed tears of joy and sorrow on the good days and the tough days. Eyes that have allowed me to watch my beautiful newborn smile for the first time and knowing that I’m his mother. My eyes light up every time my children walk into a room. My eyes that allow me capture all the precious moments I have with my family.


Although you may have scars. You definitely may have more aches and pains than you did pre-pregnancy and kids. You may not look the way you did and shy away from the mirror and camera. But thank you for all you have done. I will practise to be more gentle, take things slow by welcoming and loving my body as well as appreciating for all its done.


Bheue xx